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About The Carson House

A Note from Michelle…

It all began with a visit to The Carson House in search for a sectional sofa, but instead I purchased the business!

The minute I entered the doors that day, there was a sense of familiarity, which was different than shopping at other stores. The items staged so beautifully were exceptionally crafted, the space airy and welcoming. It took me back to a time when shopping was an experience.

As the new owner of The Carson House, I, along with my team (some faces you will recognize), are committed to offering that same shopping experience at our location at 1640 Bath Rd.

Be it the music, the space, or the chill vibe, it is an inviting place to visit. As you wander you can expect to hear a story or two from my team about the eclectic and unique finds we have displayed throughout the store.

It truly is a family affair. With my husband Matthew, our tireless handyman, Callaghan on deliveries, and Georgia working the floor, we all play a role in making your visit memorable.

We look forward to your next visit…


The Carson House - Kingston

The Carson House Team – the day of the purchase (Left: Michelle McElhinney (new owner), Peggy Irvine, Colleen Carson, Chester ‘the dog’, Cara Garand)

The Carson House - Kingston

The McElhinney Family – Michelle, Matthew, Callaghan & Georgia